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types of black jews
The Negro in the New world by Johnston, Harry, 1858-1927

The Black Hebrews

There are many questions on who our ancestors were and who we were prior to slavery. Understandably, descendants from the slave trade have questions of who we were due to the eradication of our history. How is it possible for us to know nothing of ourselves other than slavery? Fortunately, there is plenty of information regarding who we were prior to being conquered by all of the nations. This website is created not just to promote a book, but to educate. I see our brothers and sisters around the globe coming to understand who we are as a people, however, there is a fear of being named anti this and anti that as we search for truth. In this website, I will show you resources supporting who we were once known to be. 

Under the young lady’s picture to the left, it states that she is a Paniyan Woman from a “Negroid bush-tribe of Southern India”. In the red  box, it  reads: “The Jews are composed of three or four separate racial elements. The Asiatic negroid strain shows itself occasionally in the curly hair, the long eye, and proportions of the skull. The Jewish hybrids with the Negro in Jamaica and Guiana reproduce most strikingly the Assyrian type.”

great source black jew
The Critical Review: or, Annals of Literature (page 141) Written in 1817

The Black Portuguese Hebrew

This reference, ‘The Critical Review: or Annals of Literature (Page 141) written in 1817,  explains that King John II in 1492, forced all of the “Jews” to the Island of St. Thomas. It reads, “And from the banished Jews, the black Portuguese, as they are called, and the Jews in Loango, who are despised even by the very Negroes, are descended.”

Here the author describes the “Jews”, whom Prince Henry II expelled from Portugal and sent to the Island of St. Thomas to be slaves. Those people whom were expelled were sent to work on the sugar plantations, and here they are described as being black. Knowing history, is it even a question of what race of people were enslaved in the Caribbean islands?

*Note: In the books that date back to the 1800’s, you will notice that the letter f is used in the place of an s in many of the words. To read from the original source, click on the picture, or you can click on the links when provided below the pictures.

jews description (2)
The Chief Works of Benedict De Espinoza (written in 1891)

Description of the Portuguese Hebrew

In the book, The Chief Works of Benedict De Espinoza, which was published in 1891, there is a description of another one of the Portuguese “Jews”. If you click on the picture, the actual source is more clear for your reading.

This reference states, “He was of a middle size; he had good features in his face, the skin somewhat black; black curly hair; long brows, and the same colour, so that one might easily know by his looks that he was descended from Portuguese Jews.”

Once again, we see the dark skinned “Jew” described as being Portuguese.

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'The Natural History of Man' by James Cowles Prichard (Written in 1856)

Description of the Portuguese Hebrew continued: including their migration and journeys

The Natural History of Man, written by James Cowles Prichard in 1856, also identifies the dark race of the Portuguese “Jews”.  But in this reference, it reads: “The Jews of Portugal are very dark. Jews, as it is well known, have been spread from early times through many countries in the eastern parts of Asia, in China, Tartary, and the northern parts of India.

As you will come to learn in upcoming references, the “Jews” who were described as being black, were banished from many European Countries between the 1200’s to throughout the 1400’s, leading to many being sold off to slavery (hence the Atlantic Slave Trade).

This reference goes on to discuss that the “Jews” spread throughout different parts of India possibly stemming from as early as when Jerusalem was conquered by the Romans. 

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'The Races of Men' written by John Knox M.D in 1850

Continued descriptions of the "Jews"

In this book titled, The Races of Men, by John Knox M.D written in 1850, again describes the “Jews” as swarthy (definition of swarthy is ‘dark toned’) and he stated that they had an “African Look”. 

The authors of these books were mainly explorers who traveled and attempted to study the intriguing race of people they were not accustomed to. They were individuals who were actually there in the times before the full destruction of true “Black” history. 

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Screenshot 2021-06-01 225839
Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the years 1822-1824

"The Jews are bad people"

This reference is from a book titled, Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the years 1822 to 1824. This particular book was written in the form of a journal. These authors were explorers by the name of Major Denham, Captain Clapperton, and Doctor Oudney. The book, as you can see when you click on the picture, contains dates with daily explorations and daily conversations all logged in the journal. On page 64, it shows a conversation with a sheikh, who appears to be of a dark complexion, asking the explorer/author about his religion. On page 63 the sheikh asked: “You are not Jews? On page 64 he responds: “No” said I. “Christian then?” “Even so” replied I. “I have read of you: you are better than the Jews,” said he. “Are Jews white like you?” “No” replied I; “Rather more like yourself, very dark.” “Really,” said the sheikh: “Why are they not quite white? They are a bad people.”

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jews banished including years
Africa Being an Accurate Description of the Regions (By John Ogilby)

The expulsion of our people from European nations

This reference titled “Being an Accurate Description of the Regions” was written by John Ogilby. John Ogilby was born in 1600, so this is an older reference. I will re-write this reference as the image may be difficult for some to read. As noted above, the letter s was replaced by an f in many words. It reads: 

“Many Jews also are scattered over this region, some natives, boasting themselves of Abrahams seed, inhabiting both sides of the River Niger: Others are Asian Strangers, who fled there either from the desolation of Jerusalem; or from Judea wasted and depopulated by the Romans, Persians, Saracens and Christians: Or else such as came out of Europe, where they were banished; Out of parts of Italy in the year 1342; Out of Spain in the year 1462; Out of the Low Countries in 1350; Out of France in 1403; Out of England in 1422. These all differ in habit, and are divided into several Tribes, having no dominion, though both wealthy and numerous, but despised of all nations, and so abominated by the Turks, that they are not admitted to be Mahometans unless first baptized: and then no otherwise made use of other than to receive customs and to pay taxes.”

The last paragraph begins with: “The Idolaters are numerous in Negro-Land and Lower Ethiopia”

These “Jews” were banished (forcefully removed) by many European nations. Before being banished, they were wealthy and numerous, but despised of all nations. These idolaters (sinners) are numerous in Negro-land and Lower Ethiopia.” 

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shades of jews
A Tribute for the Negro of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of the Coloured Portion of Mankind. (By: Wilson Armistead 1848)

Various shades of the Hebrew population

A Tribute for the Negro”, written by Wilson Armistead in 1848 gives further descriptions of “Jews” throughout varying countries. It reads: 

Descended from one stock, and prohibited by the most sacred institutions from intermarrying with the people of the other nations, and yet dispersed (scattered), according to the divine prediction, into every country on the globe, this one people is marked with the colours of all: fair in Britain and Germany; Brown in France and in Turkey; Swarthy (of a dark complexion) in Portugal and in Spain; Olive in Syria and in Chaldea; Tawny (orange brown) or copper coloured in Arabia and in Egypt; while they are “Black at Congo in Africa.”

First of all, there are many shades of our people. So, how is it that in current times, if a person of color even mentions that our ancestors were of Hebrew descent, they are labeled as being anti-Semitic? To defeat ignorance, we must read and learn. Order Dear Israel Today.

A Tribute for the Negro of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of the Coloured Portion of Mankind. (By: Wilson Armistead 1848)

A Tribute to the Negro continued

On page 66 from a Tribute to a Negro, written in 1848 by Wilson Armistead, It reads:

“Though separate from the African population, they are black, and resemble the other Negroes in every respect as to physical character.  It Is probably in allusion to this case that Penington, in his “Text Book,” says, “The descendants of a colony of Jews, originally from Judea, settled on the coast of Africa are black.”

For those who read the bible, we know that the Hebrew people were able to live amongst the Egyptians without being detected. So it would be rational to assume the the Hebrews (Jews) were dark enough to live amongst the Egyptians without being identified because they looked alike, with similar features as this book states.

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A Brief History of the Wesleyan Missions on the Western Coast of Africa (By: William Fox 1851)

Shades of Black amongst "Jews"

In the book ‘A Brief History of the Wesleyan Missions on the Western Coast of Africa’, written by William Fox in 1851 reads, beginning at the end of page 7 leading to page 8:

But perhaps the most striking we have of the influence of climate is to be found amongst that persecuted race of people, the Jews. Dispersed over the chief parts of the civilized globe, but prevented by religious motives from mixing with the rest of mankind, they still retain their characteristic features, though they have assumed the complexion of every country they inhabit. They are fair in Britain, brown in France and in Turkey, swarthy (of a dark complexion) in Portugal and Spain, olive in Syria and in Chaldea, tawny (orange brown) or copper-coloured in Arabia and Egypt, and nearly black in Abyssinia. And yet they are all Jews, of one common ancestry, nation, and language, though “scatter’d o’er all the earth they lie.”

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jews stink
A New Voyage to Italy: with Curious Observations on Several other countries

"The Jews Stink"

In the book ‘A Voyage to Italy: with Curious Observations on Several other countries‘, it describes the smell of the “Jews”. It reads: 

“The author of La Roma Santa affirms, that the Jews stink, and that their noisome (offensive) smell vanishes after they are baptiz’d. I know not why this shou’d be reckon’d wonderful, for those who are to be baptiz’d are so carefully wash’d and cleans’d, that they must needs become sweet, tho’ they really stunk before. But ’tis ridiculous to imagine that the Jews, as being Jews, have a peculiar smell. The Jews at Rome are very poor; those who are poor are always nasty, and those who are nasty, usually stink: That is the mistery. ‘Tis also a vulgar error that the Jews are all black; for this is only true of the Portuguese Jews, who marrying always among themselves; and consequently the Swarthiness (darkness) of their complexion is entail’d upon their whole race, even in the Northern Regions. But the Jews originally of Germany; those, for example, I have seen at Prague, are not blacker than the rest of their countrymen.”

This author clearly despises the “Black Jew”, and considers them as nasty. Let’s look at the root of the hatred. Order Dear Israel today.

expulsion from spain and portugal
A History of the Jewish People by: Max L Margolis and Alexander Mark

The "Jews" sold as slaves to the Island of St. Thomas

‘A History of the Jewish People’ written by Max L Margolis and Alexander Mark, discusses the oppression of the “Jews”:

The unfortunate Jews endured untold sufferings. Still worse was the fate of those who were left behind for want of space. They were sold as slaves, and their little ones were torn from the bosom of their parents and sent to the newly discovered island of St. Thomas (currently known a Sao Tome which is Portuguese for St. Thomas). The majority of these children died during the voyage or were the prey of wild beasts upon their arrival.”

This book provides the history of when King Emanuel I of Portugal married Isabella of Spain to unify the kingdoms. The Catholic church gave its consent on the wedding with the condition that the kingdom should be purified from the presence of the accursed “Jews”. So, the “Jews” were ordered to leave in October of 1497. Those “Jews” were successful, which is shown in this statement, “The monarch himself was loath (not happy) to let so many wealthy and industrious citizens depart.”

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swarthy negro
Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London by: John Murray and Albemarle Street (1861)

Complexions of the "Chosen People"

‘Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London’ by John Murray and Albemarle Street was published in 1861. Once again, another book mentioning the various races of the “Chosen People”. This book reads:

and behold, amid the “chosen people,” the Hebrew nation, the descents of Abraham, every variety of complexion, from the fair-haired, rosy and ruddy faced Englishman, to the crisp and frizzley-haired, and dark and dusky countenance of the swarthy (dark skinned) Negro

Looking at the multiple books mentioning the oppression of the black “Jews”, is there any more doubt of who we were prior to slavery? Order Dear Israel today to get the full understanding of our history and the tactics used to destroy and oppress us.

The Pope granted permission to enslave our ancestors

Lastly, in ‘The Critical Review: or Annals of Literature’ on page 140 reads:  “Pope Nicolas V. in that famous bull, by which he granted the unknown world to the Portuguese and Spanish, expressly permitted and ordered the Christians to reduce all infidels into slavery: an order zealously executed by both nations.”

Yes, the Catholic church approved slavery. They forced many into Christianity and baptism. They killed those who did not conform and accept Christianity. But they performed a lot more evils that are still unspoken of. 

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