• Many will say that the Catholic Church has been celebrating the “Holy Week” including Good Friday and Easter Sunday in this manner for centuries, and that the Klu Klux Klan stole their image to use for terrorism.  But the facts are, the Catholic Church was among one of the earliest terrorist groups in history.

Nazarenos de la Hermandad de La Carretería. Semana Santa en Sevilla. Año 2003 Foto realizada y propiedad de albert besselse                

Many will ask, “How was the Catholic Church a terrorist group?” The simple response would be the inquisitions. However, the answers are so much deeper than just that. The Catholic Church were the main enforcers of the slave trade. But unfortunately, most schools won’t teach about subjects such as that because the Catholic Church is such a powerful entity in the world, and they control the narrative. And even when it is taught, very important details are left out. How is it that the atrocities that Hitler performed are taught to all, but the atrocities the Catholic Church performed that lasted centuries longer than the holocaust, and killed many more in order to eradicate all non-Christians, flies under the radar? The question is, do you want to know the truth? Or are you okay with living out the rest of your years on earth without being bothered with past historical events? What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Or can it? Dear Israel was written to explain the depth of lies and evils of the nations, including the lies and evil acts of the Catholic Church. Knowledge is power, and this knowledge can bring unity to a divided people. Order a copy now.